A Service of Choral Evensong

Today’s Choral Evensong from Glasgow Cathedral
Introit:  : Laudate nomen Domini – C Tye
Hymn: 390 [St Stephen]- O GREATLY blessed the people are
Psalm 4 Plainsong
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis Evening Service Fauxbourdons – William Byrd
Anthem: Easter from Five Mystical Songs – R Vaughan Williams
Hymn: [Westminster Abbey] – 10 Christ is made the sure foundation
Postlude: Tuba Tune – CS Lang

Before the broadcast begins, you should see a title sequence with about 3 minutes of music which repeats. At the point where Evensong begins from the Cathedral this title sequence will automatically be replaced by the programme. If you cannot see the sequence please let us know using the contact form.

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In the event of severe weather, there is always the possibility that we cannot maintain our link to the satellite. We normally record the service and if the broadcast is interrupted, we will try to make it available via the Previous Service page as soon as possible.

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