Concerts, recitals and visiting choirs


Visiting Choirs
Glasgow Cathedral is always happy to welcome visiting choirs whenever the Cathedral Choir is on holiday; particularly over the summer months, but also for the Sundays after Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Each Sunday, we sing a Morning Service with an Introit, Anthem and Motet; and Choral Evensong with sung Introit, Responses, Psalm, Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis, and Anthem. The Cathedral’s four-manual Father Willis organ, which is perfect for the accompaniment of a wide variety of choral repertoire.
If you direct a choir and would be interested in singing at Glasgow Cathedral, please contact the Director of Music for more information. We can provide an organist if required, although you are welcome to bring your own accompanist.
Summer Recital Series
Glasgow Cathedral hosts a Summer Recital Series each year, where visiting performers are welcomed to give a 30-minute recital. These are well-attended concerts which, with free entry, give both tourists and locals the chance to hear a wide range of instruments and repertoire in a wonderful setting. We also organise an annual Celebrity Organ Recital, with previous recitalists including Dr. Francis Jackson, Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin, Dame Gillian Weir, and Martin Baker, alongside numerous other eminent organists.
  • The Cathedral is not owned by the Church, but by the people of Scotland, administered by a body called Historic Environment Scotland. It is their prerogative to allow or disallow concerts, and they will generally charge a fee of around one thousand pounds if entry to the event is by paid admission. For information on hire of the Cathedral, please use the contact form.
  • The Cathedral’s Steinway grand piano, Father Willis pipe organ, and PA system are available for use in concerts and events, subject to payment of a rental fee. The Cathedral also has available a digital piano and digital organ.
  • Performances in the Quire can accommodate around 60 singers and 700 audience members. The Nave can accommodate much larger groups, although additional seating will have to be hired.