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Glasgow Cathedral is now open for visitors. Pre-booking your visit is required by Historic Environment Scotland.

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The Wednesday morning Service within the Cathedral has come to an end. We’d hoped to be able to open on Sunday morning, the 11th of October for worship within the Cathedral, but reluctantly it has been necessary to postpone the resumption of Sunday morning worship. We’ve taken this decision in light of the  announcement by the First Minister of significantly tighter restrictions on interactions, particularly within the central belt of Scotland. We felt it better to be somewhat ahead of the curve and although we do not anticipate a full lockdown here, in no way do we wish to contribute the the increase in the pandemic we are currently experiencing.

 We hope you can access our various resources with ease.  During this time, the work of the Cathedral continues and we are grateful for the financial support of the congregation both within the Cathedral and throughout the world who attend our services online.  Further to this we express our gratitude for those wishing to support our worship ministry at this time of development. May God continue to Bless you.

Donations appear to go to Collie Productions, however they are remitted to the Cathedral without any commissions as a part of their ongoing support.

Mark Johnstone, Minister of Glasgow Cathedral

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This programme, called Weekly Worship, is produced by our Director of Music Andrew Forbes and features readings and reflection from Rev Mark and music from the Choir. We hope you enjoy listening.