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HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021

A Morning Service for the 11th of April

Resumption of Worship within Glasgow Cathedral

“First Minister of Scotland announced the removal of the prohibition on gatherings for public worship in Scotland as of the 26th of March. This has enabled us to move forward to being able to hold a service on Easter Sunday Morning as a first step. We now hope to continue with Sunday worship with a congregation in the Cathedral at 11:00 am.

Please note that the regulations will still limit the number of people allowed to attend and the First Minister’s announcement has been made with the stipulation that:  “assuming no deterioration in the situation with the virus between now and then, we intend to allow communal worship to restart… In addition, the limit on attendance at communal services will be increased from 20, which was the limit in place before lockdown, to 50 – assuming of course that a place of worship is spacious enough to accommodate that many people with 2 metre physical distancing.”

Having performed a risk assessment based on the limited space which we are able to use and maintain we are forced to continue with a limit on numbers below that announced by the First Minister. As last autumn we will operate a booking system which can be accessed here. Please fill in your details on the form and choose “To attend a service” as the reason for contacting us. This will ensure that your request goes to our Administrator who will manage the bookings. Alternatively you can contact us via the office phone number 0141 552 8198 (answering machine) or via email, although the above is generally the best method.

We have also prepared a personal risk assessment which is available here.

If you wish to attend as part of a family group, this can be accommodated. Please indicate in the message detail exactly how many folk wish to attend and their names. Also you must indicate which family members are part of a bona fide bubble in order to be seated as a group.

Please also understand that we wish to accommodate as many of our Congregation and adherents as fairly as possible. If you have attended one week, please do not be disappointed if someone else gets your space the following week. Also we must stress that our limits are fixed by the Kirk Session and unless your name is on the list you will not be admitted.


Rev Mark has created a virtual tour of the Cathedral as a podcast.

 We hope you can access our various resources with ease.  During this time, the work of the Cathedral continues and we are grateful for the financial support of the congregation both within the Cathedral and throughout the world who attend our services online.  Further to this we express our gratitude for those wishing to support our worship ministry at this time of development. May God continue to Bless you.

Donations appear to go to Collie Productions, however they are remitted to the Cathedral without any commissions as a part of their ongoing support.

Mark Johnstone, Minister of Glasgow Cathedral

Freewill Offering