Armed Forces Day

Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit we pray for The Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the Crown; her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. On this Armed Forces Day we show our support and ask that this sense of connection may enliven morale and bring unity to a broken world.

The children of God are called to be peace makers. May those who seek unity and peace in our nation, and beyond, find energy, commitment, integrity and trust in those who support them. Those who serve and protect, may they be remembered. May Political decision makers and citizens of our nation show respect and gratitude for service being given.

Living God, bridge the gap between those who serve and those at home. We pray for military families, veterans, cadets and charities supporting them.

In the silence we pray for the fearful, the lonely, the wounded, nations in conflict and the battle weary. (Silence)

In Jesus name