Previous Service – A service of Choral Evensong

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You may have noticed recently that watching programmes online often involves a significant number of commercial messages. So far, through the generous donations of some viewers we’ve been able to avoid the necessity of having to either charge on a pay-per-view basis, or add commercials to the broadcast. Although our technical support is kindly supplied by volunteers and by Collie Productions and Fac46 each week, there are still significant expenses involved in providing the broadcast. If you enjoy watching Evensong (commercial-free) here on the website, please join with those in the Congregation and use this donate button to contribute your freewill offering. Because the Cathedral does not have a PayPal account, your offering will be provided to the Treasurer by Collie Productions. If you would prefer to provide your offering in a more traditional manner, please send us a message through the contact page.

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