The Nave

When you enter the Cathedral, you come into the Nave from the centre of which you can see straight down the length of the Cathedral.

(See this 360degree panorama courtesy of Peter Stark)

The length of the Cathedral is 87m (285ft); the breadth of the Nave is 20m (63ft) and the height of the Nave roof is 32m (105ft).

The open timber roof is of medieval design and much of the timber may date from the 14th century.

In the foreground (opposite) are two memorial Chairs, on the right for members of the RNVR while the Chair on the left is for the RAFVR.


The Cathedral has one of the finest collections of modern stained glass windows and nearly all have been installed since 1947. The Great West Window is “The Creation” by Francis Spear and below it is a modern clock, both installed in 1958.