A Morning Service for the 14th of June

Welcome to the Morning Service from Glasgow Cathedral for the 14th of June. We hope you enjoy worshiping with us this morning. Today’s service features previously recorded offerings from our Choir and  using all the recommended safe-distancing rules, Rev Mark and an abbreviated production team (Glen and Jane) return to the Cathedral to film portions of this morning’s service. We all hope and pray that before too many more weeks have passed we will all be able to return to worship in the Cathedral, although we expect that our services will be considerably different from those we are familiar with.

This morning’s service features and extract form CHH Parry’s anthem “Hear my words” and Bruckner’s “Os Justi” and they Hymns are “New every morning” (47 in CH3), 68, Thou art before me Lord, 65, Almighty God, thy word is cast and 413 Jesus shall reign where’er the sun.

Freewill Offering

Although our technical support is kindly supplied by volunteers and by Collie Productions and Fac46 each week, there are still significant expenses involved in providing the broadcast. 

If you wish to contribute your offering directly to the Cathedral please use this button for more information. It will open a new page, so you can continue to listen to the service if it has begun.


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