Summer opening hours are now in force

April to September

Monday to Saturday  – Admission between 9.30am and 5pm

 (Lower Church closes at 4:45pmCathedral closes at 5:30 pm.)

The bookstall is open and staffed Monday to Saturday.  Guide books in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are available as well as souvenirs, postcards and information leaflets in several languages.

Sunday – Admission between 1 pm and 4.30 pm (No Volunteer Guides on Duty)

(Cathedral closes at 5:30 pm.)

The Cathedral is open on Sunday morning only for those attending morning worship at 11am.

All visitors are welcome to attend this (Church of Scotland) service and also our Choral Evensong service which is held in the Nave at 4pm. (Those not attending this service are asked to respect the sanctity of the proceedings. The Lower Church closes by the start of the service.)

The Bookstall is closed on Sundays but postcards and information leaflets in several languages are available – pay by ‘Honesty box.’

The Historic Environment Scotland Shop is open when the Cathedral is open to the public.

Guided Tours

A full tour takes about one hour. Please allow enough time to complete the tour. There is no specific charge for a tour but a donation is welcomed.

If you are a small family group (1-3 people), there will usually be Volunteer Guides on duty to give you a tour of the Cathedral. Tour start times are as required. For a larger group, if you require the services of a Guide use the contact form here to contact our adult or child/school group tour organisers.

However, if you want to book a self guided visit by a large group or you bring your own guide, and do not need the services of our Volunteer Guides, you need to contact Historic Environment Scotland, who are in charge of the building at